Hello again!  Today I would like to share a tutorial on how to create these canvas flowers.

You will need the following:
* Beacon Stiffen Stuff
* Sheet of copy paper
* Grand Calibur or other die cutting machine
* Water Bottle
* Heat Tool
* White Paint
* Brad

STEP 1: You will need one 7x7 piece of canvas for this flower.  I applied Beacon's "Stiffen Stuff" to prevent the canvas from fraying more than we intend to.  You can spray the fabric stiffener on, but I prefer to brush it on.  Dry with a heat tool, and be careful not to burn the canvas.  :o) 
STEP 2: Place your dies on the canvas and cut with your Grand Calibur (or other die cutting machine).  If you position the dies carefully, you will be able to cut all of the flower layers using just one piece of canvas.   
TIP: When cutting, it helps to place a sheet of copy paper between the canvas and your cutting plate.

Please refer to this diagram to see which dies we will be using and how many layers you will need to cut.

STEP 3: Because we are cutting fabric, it helps to run your dies through the machine twice to make sure we cut through all of the fibers.  Gently pull out your flower die-cuts.
STEP 4: Using your fingers/nails, gently fray the edge of each petal by gently pulling on them.
STEP 5: Now spray your favorite color of Smooch Spritz onto the flowers and dry with a heat tool.
STEP 6: Lightly brush on a bit of white acrylic paint to give these flowers a shabbier look.
STEP 7: Assemble the flower by gluing each flower layer from largest to smallest.  Be sure to off-set the petals.  Allow to dry

This next step is the most difficult part...
STEP 8: Spray the flower with water and roll it between your hands into a beautiful lump as shown.  Now take a deep breath... the hard part is complete.  Phew...

Unravel the flower and arrange the petals to your liking.  Place a decorative bad through the center and you're done!  Yay!!  Nice and easy!  Have fun!