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Hello all my cyber buddies!
My Artsy Fartsy Techniques 2.0 class is starting in just a couple days at My Creative Classroom. This 6 week course begins on April 5th, it is $40 and you can enroll HERE! Each week you get a Narrated presentation with large photos, a printable pdf version of the class instructions and I also throw in some technique videos here and there.
Artsy fartsy 2

In Artsy Fartsy Techniques, I will lead you on a Fabulous Technique-Filled Journey. We will take 6 weeks to go through a MULTITUDE of artistic techniques that I've picked up from art school and from my own experimentations… muah,ha,ha (that was an evil scientist laugh). You will be making a book that is 6.5 x 6 with a 5 inch base (because the techniques are so chunky that the book sits like a triangle). You will be creating the last page first and building the book as you go. You will finish by creating the covers which will combine several of the techniques that you've learned along the way.      

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