Supplies Needed:
* Embossing stylus (or back of a Sharpie marker)
* Mouse pad or similar surface
* Quick-Drying glue (I recommend Helmar 450 Quick Dry.)
* Needle-nose pliers
* Ink pad to ink the edges of your layers (optional)

In the Rose Creations set, there are 6 different sizes of dies.  I used the first four sizes (Size 1 to Size 4).  

You will need:
(3) layers of Size 1
(3) layers of Size 2
(3) layers of Size 3
(3) layers of Size 4

STEP 1: Using an embossing stylus or the back of a Sharpie marker, rub each petal in a circular motion until the petal starts to form a 'cup' shape.  Using the back of a mouse pad or similar surface will make this process easier.  Do this for each petal of your first layer.
STEP 2: Then rub the center of the layer (where the hole is) in the same manner.  This is what the layer will look like when you are done.
STEP 3: Repeat this process (Steps 1-2) on Layers 2-8 (see photo).
STEP 4: On the remaining layers (Layers 9-12), you will need to do the following... Using needle-nose pliers or tweezers, gently pinch the center of a petal and twist to form a little ripple.  It does not matter whether you twist to the left or the right.  For further details on how to do this 'single pinch and twist', click HERE.
This is what all of your layers should look like.
STEP 5: Take Layer 1 and apply a little adhesive to the top of the layer.  Pinch the layer shut to form a bud.
STEP 6: Take the next layer (Layer 2) and add a dab of glue around the hole in the center.  Adhere Layer 1 (the bud) inside of Layer 2.
STEP 7: Continue this process with all of the 'cupped' layers (Layers 1-8).  Remember to apply a dab of glue around the center of each layer first.  It is best if you try to off-set the petals when adhering each layer together.
STEP 8: Now add Layers 9-12 to the bottom of the flower in the same manner.  Be sure to off-set the petals.
And you're done!!  You can alter the size or the fullness of the flower by adding more layers.  Below are a few examples.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial!  Thanks for stopping by!