Hello my friends!  Today I'd like to share a tutorial on how I created the background for the mirror below.  You can see the original post for this mirror HERE.

 I purchased this mirror at Ikea for $2.99.  It is PERFECT for altering because of its large surface area.

Let's get started!
STEP 1: Cover the center with cardstock to avoid painting the mirror.
 STEP 2: Tear up different-sized pieces of Donna Salazar's Crafty Chronicle.
STEP 3: Using a brush, apply a layer of decoupage medium to a small area of the surface of the mirror frame.  

STEP 4: Adhere a torn piece of The Crafty Chronicle to the frame and cover it with a thin layer of decoupage.

STEP 5: Continue to randomly adhere torn pieces to the frame.  Be sure to overlap the layers.  It is okay to have pieces hanging off the side because it will be trimmed later.

 This is how funky your mirror will look at this point.  Make sure the entire surface is sealed with decoupage.

STEP 6: Turn the frame over and trim off the excess paper from the edges with a craft knife.  You may want to add a bit of decoupage to the edges of the mirror frame to prevent the paper from lifting at the edges.
 STEP 7: Dry brush a layer of white gesso or white acrylic paint over the entire surface.  Add paint splatters if desired.
 STEP 8: I LOVE texture so I added ceramic stucco to random areas.  I applied the stucco with a round brush to create numerous 'peaks' in the texture.

Lookin' good so far!!  Messy and fun!

 STEP 9: Here I added distressed dots using white embossing powder by Clearsnap.  You can use paint as well.
STEP 10:  Apply ink to the edges of your mirror.

 Voila!!  A masterpiece!!!!  Okay, maybe not... but you end up with a pretty cool background!  Have fun with it!