Hello again!  Here is yet another flower tutorial for you all!  I hope you are not getting tired of my flower tuts.  :o)  This one is super simple and I have used this flower a lot lately because it is so fast and cute!

Thank you, Mistra, for the beautiful name you have given this flower!

Supplies Needed
  • Donna Salazar's Rose Creations Dies (or similar)- You can create up to four different sized flowers with this tutorial and these dies.  The key is to choose three consecutive sizes.  You will need two of each size.  
  • Ink (for the edges of your flowers)
  • Needle nose pliers or tweezers
  • Quick-drying glue
  • Decorative brad or other embellie for your flower center

Here is an example of just two possible combinations of sizes.  
STEP 1:  Ink the edges of each layer.
STEP 2:  If you are familiar with my flower tutorials, then you know what a 'double pinch and twist' is.  If not, follow along!  Using your pliers or tweezer, pinch the left side of the petal of your first layer.
STEP 3:  Gently twist inward towards the center of the petal.  It helps to use your free hand to hold down the edge of the petal while you are twisting.
STEP 4:  Now pinch the right side of the same petal.
STEP 5:  Gently twist toward the center of the petal.  Again, hold the edge to make this process easier.
STEP 6:  Now do this to every petal of each layer.  Don't worry... with practice, this process becomes rather quick.
STEP 7:  Now start assembling your flower by stacking the layers.  Start with the two layers of the largest size.  Place a dab of glue around the center of the first layer and adhere the second layer to it.  Remember to off-set your petals.  Do this with all layers (from largest to smallest).
This is what you will end up with.
Now add a decorative brad, a bead or whatever you please to the center of your flower.  Use your fingers to gently 'fluff up' the petals.

That's it! So simple!  Hope you have fun with this tutorial!  Have a beautiful day!