As if a hurricane two months ago wasn't bad enough... this time we were hit with a snow storm... in October!!  I don't think anyone was prepared for what we received.  The snowfall was so quick and intense that the wet, heavy snow that accumulated on the trees caused thousands of them to snap and fall.  My drive home from work was like an obstacle course!  EVERY street that I passed was covered with branches and fallen trees.  Giant snow mounds from the trees kept hitting the roof of my car, causing my heart to stop.  I just wanted to get home in one piece and preferably without a tree trunk sticking out of the top of my car.  Thankfully I arrived home safely, but nonetheless, I arrived to a home without power.  We managed to endure over 24 hours in the cold house with no heat or electricity, but as the temperature continued to drop, we decided to head over to my parents' house where there is heat and internet!!!  I have come to realize how attached I am to modern technology.  LOL!!  I was desperate to check my emails and get some work done on the computer.  According to the news, we may not regain power until Friday.  So I guess that means I have to go back home, pack up my studio in about 10 suitcases and bring my stash to my parents' house.  LOL.  Hope all of my Northeastern friends are well and safe.  It looks like this winter is going to be a mean one.  Stay safe and sending you all my love.