There has been something bothering me lately, and I thought I would put it out there and ask for advice from all of my scrappy friends.  I recently came across some work that greatly resembles my own.  A good friend of mine, who knows my work well, said that she thought the page could have been mine if it weren't for the photo.  My question is... What do you consider 'work inspired by' and what do you consider 'copying'?  Is it the same thing?  
When someone uses your ideas and gains credit for its uniqueness... is that inspiration or downright copying?

In the scrapbooking industry, there really are no new techniques.  Everything has been done at one point or another.  Like a few of my fellow scrappers have said... it's all about the creativity of putting a project together.  So when someone replicates your style and projects, is that wrong?
I love to share my ideas and tutorials.  I think that scrapbooking has evolved so much because we all share techniques and use them to create new ideas.  But when someone rewrites a tutorial that you have created... isn't that crossing the line?

Just thought I would ask the rest of you for your honest opinion.  
Thanks for taking the time to read this. 

UPDATE 09/21/11:
Thank you all so much for your thoughts.  I just want to clarify something.  I am not so concerned about people being inspired by my work or using a tutorial of mine and not giving credit.  We see inspiring things all day and it's hard to remember where we see things sometimes!  I'm here to share my knowledge with others so it makes me happy when people use my tutorials etc.  My post was concerning replicas of my work and style and having them published as their own work.  Or people putting their name on my tutorial and calling it their own.  It makes me wonder what these people get out of doing that.  I remember thinking to myself... 'Is there some sort of competition going on that I don't know about?  Is there a prize for the person who is most popular?  What are these women competing for?!'  I guess I'll never understand.  I hope no one took this the wrong way.