Supplies Needed:
- Donna Salazar's Carnation Creations Die by Spellbinders
- Quick-drying Glue
- Needle-nose Pliers or Tweezers
- Decorative Brad

Please refer to the image on the left for the three die sizes we will use. You will need (2) of the larger size, (1) Medium and (1) Small.
STEP 1: Prior to beginning, I swiped a little Jasmine Mix'd Media inx along the ends of the petals.  It's difficult to see in the photos, but I like the subtle, yet shabby, touch it adds to the flower.
 STEP 2: Beginning with the largest layer, place the needle-nose pliers on the left side of a petal.
 STEP 3: Gently twist the pliers (to the right) towards the center of the petal.  It helps to use the thumb of your free hand to hold down the petal as you twist.
 STEP 4: Now place the pliers on the right side of the petal and twist inward (to the left).  You have now completed what I call a 'double pinch and twist'.  Repeat this step on all petals of the (2) largest layers and the (1) medium layer.
 This technique adds a subtle ripple to the petals of your flower.
 This is what your layers should look like now.  The smallest layer is left alone.
 STEP 5: Using a quick-dry adhesive, place a line of glue around the center hole of Layer 1.  Adhere Layer 2 to Layer 1.  Be sure to line up the holes and off-set the petals.  The reason I like to glue the layers together is to prevent the layers from shifting after I secure them with a brad.
 STEP 6: Adhere Layer 3 (medium layer) to Layer 2 in the same manner, remembering to off-set the petals.
 STEP 7: Adhere the final layer to the top of the flower.

STEP 8: Secure with a decorative brad and voila!!  You get a super simple, yet beautiful, flower!