Hi everyone!  This is a quick tutorial on how to add an embossed texture to specific areas of your chipboard element.

Supplies Needed:
- Chipboard element
- Glimmer Mist (or Ink Pad or Paint)
- Blue Painter's Tape
- Stamp (texture)
- Embossing Powder (I used white embossing powder)
-Embossing Ink
- Heat tool

 STEP 1: Admire the beautiful Dusty Attic chippie :o)

 STEP 2: Ink your chippie using the color you would like as your base color.  Alternatively, you can use an ink pad or paint.  Dry with a heat tool.

 STEP 3: Mask off the areas you would like to add texture to using blue Painter's tape.  This tape will help prevent your chippie from being damaged.  You can see from the funny-looking photo that I taped the areas around the leaves because I only wanted to add texture to the leaves.

 STEP 4: Using embossing ink, stamp the image/texture onto the area desired.  Cover with embossing powder.  

STEP 5: CAREFULLY remove the blue tape.  Even though we are using painter's tape, it is still possible to peel off layers of your chippie if you are not careful. 

 STEP 6: Shake off the excess embossing powder and melt it with a heat tool.

 STEP 7: (optional) Dry-brush a layer of white acrylic paint over the surface of the chippie to add a worn look.

 And you're done!  I gently peeled apart some of the layers of the leaves to add dimension.  Hope you enjoyed my tut!  Thanks for checking it out!