Here is another flower I created using Donna Salazar's Rose Creations dies.  Below is a tutorial on how to create this flower.

Supplies Needed:
* Donna Salazar's Rose Creations Dies by Spellbinders (You will need 3 die cuts using the largest size, 2 of the next size down, 1 each of the next three sizes down as shown in the photo.)
* Quick-drying adhesive
* Needle nose plier
* Wooden Skewer
* Bead, brad, etc. for the center of the flower
Ink the edges of each layer prior to beginning.

STEP 1:  We will start with the first of the largest die cuts.  Using a needle nose plier, pinch the left side of a petal and gently twist inward towards the center of the petal.  
STEP 2:  Take the plier and pinch the right side of the same petal.  Gently twist inward towards the center of the petal.  You have now completed what I call a "double pinch and twist".  Repeat Steps 1-2 on each petal of Layers 1 & 2 (two of the largest die cuts).
Upon completion, this is what Layers 1 & 2 should look like.
STEP 3:  Take the next large layer (Layer 3) and curl the petals back using a wooden skewer.
STEP 4:  Repeat this process on Layers 4 & 5 as well.
STEP 5:  On the remaining three layers (Layers 6-8), use the plier to create a "single pinch and twist" on each petal.  This is done the same way as a "double pinch and twist", but only once in the center of each petal.
This is what all of your layers should look like.
STEP 6:  Now let's begin assembling our flower.  Apply a dab of adhesive around the center of Layer 1 and adhere Layer 2 to Layer 1.  Be sure to off-set the petals.
STEP 7:  Adhere Layer 3 upside down as shown in the photo.  Remember to off-set the petals.
STEP 8:  Adhere Layer 4 in the same manner (upside down, off-setting the petals).
STEP 9:  Adhere Layer 5 in the same manner.
STEP 10:  Adhere Layer 6 to the center of your flower.  Again, be sure to off-set the petals.
STEP 11:  Adhere Layer 7.
STEP 12:  Adhere Layer 8.

STEP 13:  Add a bead, brad, micro beads or whatever you wish to add to the center of your flower.  To add a little shimmer, apply Glue Gloss to your flower and shake on some Fairy Dust Glitter.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial!  Thanks for visiting!