This is a tutorial on how I created my Bella Donna flower.  I named this flower after Donna Salazar because it is the first flower I created using her Rose Creations Die.
The end result resembles my Gardenia Flower, but the creative process is slightly different as well as the center of the flower. 

 Supplies Needed:
*Donna Salazar's Rose Creations Dies-  This set includes 6 different sizes.  You will need (3) of the largest, (2) of the next size down, (1) of the smaller size down and (1) of the next size down.
(You can use any die or punches for the flower cutouts.)

*Quick-drying glue

*Wooden Skewer

*Ink pad

Prior to beginning, ink the edges of each flower layer, if desired.

 STEP 1:  Begin with one of the (3) largest cutouts.  This will be Layer 1.  Using a wooden skewer, fold back the left and right side of each petal.  (These wooden skewers can be purchased at any grocery store.  I bought a pack of a gazillion for less than $3.  They are great for so many uses.)

 STEP 2:  Repeat STEP 1 on Layers 2 and 3 (the largest cutouts).

 STEP 3:  Take Layer 1 and apply a dab of glue around the center of the cutout.

 STEP 4:  Adhere Layer 2 to Layer 1 as shown.  Remember to off-set the petals.

 STEP 5:  Adhere Layer 3 in the same manner.  It helps to use the back of the skewer to help push down the layer and hold it in place while the glue dries.  Put your flower aside while we work on the other layers.

 STEP 6:  Take Layer 4 and turn it over.  Using a wooden skewer, curl each petal from one side to the other in somewhat of a diagonal angle.  It doesn't matter if you curl from left to right or right to left.  Repeat on each petal.

 This is what Layer 4 will look like.

 STEP 7:  Repeat STEP 6 on the remaining flower layers.  Remember to turn each layer over before curling.

 STEP 8:
 Take the flower base that we had put aside in STEP 5 and adhere Layer 4 to the top (still in the upside-down position), remembering to off-set the petals.  You may need the wooden skewer to help push down these final layers and prevent them from popping up.

 STEP 9:  Adhere Layer 5 to the top of the flower, remembering to off-set the petals.

 STEP 10:  Adhere Layer 6.

 STEP 11:  Adhere Layer 7 to your flower.  The petals of Layer 7 will curl inward to form the center of the flower.  Use a wooden skewer to push down all layers until dry.

 STEP 12:  To add a little shimmer, apply Glue Gloss to your flower...

 ... and sprinkle on some Fairy Dust Glitter.
 And you're done!  Let your creative side go wild and have fun!  I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!