This is a quick tip on how to create your own stitching template.  You can use this technique to create your own stitched flourishes, shapes, simple images etc. 

STEP 1:  Print out your title on a sturdy sheet of vellum.  A bolder font with minimal detail works best for this technique.

My first attempt was on a transparency, but my printer does not print well on transparencies.  I later found that the vellum is easier to poke holes into anyway.  :o)

STEP 2:  Using a craft pick or a needle, punch evenly spaced holes along each letter.  The closer the holes, the more defined each letter will be, but be careful not to poke holes too close together.  Doing so will cause your paper to tear when stitching.

STEP 3:  Position the guide on your project and poke all of the holes. 

 Once you have completed your title... stitch away!
Have fun!