This is a brief tutorial on how I texturized the frame of the 20"x20" reverse canvas that I made for Simply Renee Inc.

STEP 1: First apply a coat of Claudine Hellmuth Studio Gesso. The gesso acts as a primer and allows the work surface to accept paints and other mediums easily. It also adds a subtle texture to your project.
STEP 2: After the gesso dries, apply a layer of DecoArt Texture Stucco, a paintable texture. I would suggest allowing the stucco to dry overnight.

STEP 3: Once the stucco is completely dry, paint the texture with acrylic paint. Although the stucco medium is a firm texture, be careful not to chip off any pieces. Apply as many coats of paint as desired.

STEP 4: Next, apply a crackle medium. I used a two-step crackle made by Folk Art. Allow to dry.

STEP 5: Spray the frame with Glimmer Mist and allow the ink to seep between the cracks.

STEP 6: I also added a little Distress Crackle Paint. I randomly painted areas of the frame with the white paint.

STEP 7: Once the paint is dry I coated the entire frame with a clear acrylic sealer. It helps prevent the paint and stucco from chipping. I chose to use a matte sealer instead of a glossy sealer because I wanted the frame to have a worn look. Once the sealer is dry, the surface of the frame will harden and become easier to embellish.
This is a photo of the completed project.  Click here for close-ups and details.
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