Supplies Needed:
- Ink pad
- Embossing stylus (or back of a Sharpie marker)
- Glue
- Scissors
-Wooden skewer
- Needle-nose tweezer
- (3) Large flower cutouts
- (2) Medium flower cutouts
- (2) Small flower cutouts

(I used the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals Die for my flowers.  You can use any die or punch, but the end result may differ from my flower.)

 STEP 1:  Ink the edges of each flower layer.

 STEP 2:  Take Layer 1 and curl in the left and right side of each petal using a wooden skewer.  Repeat on Layer 2.

 STEP 3:  Take Layer 3 and curl in one side of each petal as much as possible.

 STEP 4:  Cut a slit between each petal of Layers 4 & 5.  If your cutouts already have a space between the petals, skip this step.  The space makes it easier to curl/pinch each petal.

 STEP 5:  Using Layers 4 & 5, 'double pinch and twist' each petal.  If you are familiar with my flower tutorials, you most likely know what this means.  If not, click here for directions on how to do this.

 STEP 6: Take the two smallest layers (Layers 6 & 7) and create a 'single pinch and twist' on each petal.  Again, click here for directions on how to do this.

 This is what your layers should look like.

 STEP 7:  Take Layer 1 and apply a dab of glue in the center.  Adhere Layer 2 and be sure to off-set the petals.

 STEP 8:  Adhere Layer 3 in the same manner.

 STEP 9:  Place Layers 4 & 5 on a foam mat (or mouse pad).  Using an embossing stylus (or similar item) rub the center of the flower in a circular motion.  You will notice the petals will slightly pop up.  You can also do this in the palm of your hand.

 STEP 10:  Adhere Layers 4 & 5 to the top of Layer 3, remembering to off-set the petals.  Use the back of the wooden skewer to push down and flatten the center of the flower.

 STEP 11:  Adhere Layer 6 in the same manner.

 STEP 12:  Adhere Layer 7.

 STEP 13:  Apply a bead, micro beads, glitter or any other element in the center of your flower.

And you're done!  This flower looks beautiful using any type of paper; it doesn't have to be a grungy flower.  :o)  
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  Thanks for stopping by!