Hello again!  Today I would like to share a new flower tutorial I created.  These flowers were inspired by a gardenia.  I adore gardenias and their sweet smell.  I did my best to replicate them and hope you enjoy this tutorial.

Supplies Needed:
- (3) Medium flower cutouts
- (4) Small flower cutouts
(I used Tim Holtz's Tattered Florals die, but you can use any punch or die.)
 - Quick-drying glue
- Ink pad
- Wooden skewer
- Scissors (not shown)

STEP 1:  Ink the edges of each flower layer.  If any of your cutouts do not have a space between the petals, cut a slit between each petal using a scissor.  I cut a slit between the petals of Layers 1-3 (the medium-sized layers shown on top).

STEP 2:  Using a wooden skewer, curl back both the right and left sides of each petal of your (3) medium-sized cutouts (Layers 1-3).  

STEP 3:  Gently unravel the petals with your fingers.  Do not completely flatten them.  Leave them slightly curled.

STEP 4:  Take the first small cutout (Layer 4) and curl each petal from side to side as shown.  

STEP 5:  Apply a dab of glue in the center of Layer 4 and on each petal.

STEP 6:  Fold up all of the petals of Layer 4 and hold for a moment until dry.

STEP 7:  Take Layer 5 and repeat the same process.  Curl the petals from side to side and apply a dab of glue in the center of the layer and on each petal.

STEP 8:  Place Layer 4 inside of Layer 5.

STEP 9:  Fold up the petals of Layer 5 (keeping Layer 4 inside).  

STEP 10:  Take Layer 6 and curl the petals from side to side again.  Place your flower bud (Layers 4 & 5) on top of Layer 6 but DO NOT fold up the petals of Layer 6 as we had previously done.  You have just created your flower center.

STEP 11:  Take your final layer (Layer 7) and gently curl back the sides of each petal.

STEP 12:  Time to assemble your flower!  Take Layer 1 and apply a dab of glue in the center.  Adhere Layer 2 to Layer 1 and offset the petals.

STEP 13:  Adhere Layer 3 in the same manner and remember to offset the petals.  If your petals are still too puffy, gently flatten the layers using your fingers.

STEP 14:  Adhere Layer 7 to Layer 3.

STEP 15:  Adhere the flower center that we created in Step 10 to the top of your flower.  

And you're done!  This was a simple one!  This flower has a soft look to it and it is not too large.  Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!