Hi everyone!  I thought I'd share a little more of my scrap space today.  I would like to show how I customized my work table to fit my needs.

When I was putting together my scraproom last year, I searched for THE PERFECT work table.  And you know what?  It doesn't exist.  LOL.  It might... but my vision of a perfect table was nowhere to be found.  I knew I wanted a glass desk because it is much easier to clean.  I also knew I wanted a large area to work on because I am ALL OVER the place when I scrap.  But then I started to get a little picky and I wanted other features that are impossible to find on one table.  So I decided to create my own 'perfect' table.

First I purchased a desk.  I love this desk!  It has plenty of space to work on and it has a pull-out keyboard tray.  My iMac sits neatly in that little corner and takes up no space at all.  The glass is thick and withstands much abuse.  I actually mist, ink and paint directly on it without having to worry about using a craft mat or damaging my table.  Now where do I put all of my stuff that I need to keep close at hand?  This desk has no drawers!  

Solution: Go to Ikea and find something that suits your needs!

I wanted something to hold the gazillion different types of adhesives I have.  After all, we NEED all of those different adhesives, right?  So I browsed around Ikea (with a very helpful husband) and found these little baskets.  They are found in the kitchen section and cost $1.99 each!!!  What a find!  I had a feeling they would hang nicely from the bars beneath my desk.
And I was right!!  They are the perfect height... my legs sit right beneath them and they aren't in my way.  I throw in my scissors, glue dots... anything I use frequently.  It helps me keep my table clutter-free when I am working.  I did, however, add a piece of wire on the bar to secure it in case my legs did happen to knock them off.  But for the price and convenience... it is well worth it!!

My next problem... where to put my spray bottle and other items that seem to just sit on my table with no home.  

How about a corner shower caddy from Ikea?! 
It also hangs nicely from the bars beneath my desk.  I did have to flip one of the 'rails' upside down in order for me to be able to detach the caddy from my desk without having to disassemble the entire thing. 
Now my last ideal feature was a place to store my heat tool.  I am constantly using it so it would be silly for me to put it away after each use.  My heat tool does not have a little wire stand to hold it up on my table, so it would always end up on the floor.  

So I used a wire mesh pen holder from Staples that I had laying around.

I attached it to my table using a little wire and voila!!  My table is complete!!  Everyone uses different supplies and has different needs so it is best to customize your own table instead of trying to find the perfect one. 

Thanks for listening to me ramble about my table LOL!  Have a beautiful day!