This tutorial was inspired by the talented Mistra.  Please be sure to check out her tutorial over at The Dusty Attic.  :o)  I used chipboard flower layers made by The Dusty Attic for this tutorial.  You could also use a sturdy cardstock or patterned paper.  Just skip on to Step 4 if you are not using chipboard.
Supplies needed:
- Dusty Attic chipboard Flower Layers (DA0502)
- Water
- Craft knife
- Embossing folder
- Big Shot or other embossing machine
- Glimmer mist
- Embossing ink
- Distress embossing powder
- Heat tool
- Ink pad
- Wooden skewer
- Craft pick or Needle
- Brads
- Heat tool

STEP 1:  Soak the chipboard flower layers with water for about a minute.  Allow water to saturate the chipboard.

STEP 2:  Carefully peel the layers of the chipboard apart.  You can use a craft knife to help you.  The chippie should split into 3 layers.  Be careful not to tear the layers.

STEP 3:  You should be able to split 3 flower layers into 9 layers.  Dry each layer using a heat tool.

STEP 4:  Place all of the flower layers into an embossing folder and run it through your embossing machine.

STEP 5:  Ink each layer using glimmer mist.

Tip: To darken the raised impressions... turn the flower layer over after misting it and gently rub it in the puddle of mist.  Dry layers with a heat tool.

STEP 6:  Gently pat embossing ink onto a layer.  You do not have to cover the entire layer.  Just randomly blot the ink.

STEP 7:  While the embossing ink is still damp, pour Distress embossing powder onto the flower layer.  Repeat Steps 6-7 for each layer. 

STEP 8:  Shake off the excess embossing powder and heat each layer with a heat tool (again) to melt the embossing powder.  The reason I chose to dry each layer between steps is to avoid tearing the layers. 

STEP 9:  Ink the edges of each layer to add a little depth.

STEP 10:  (You can choose which layers you would like to use and how to assemble them to create your flower.)  For one flower I used two of the large layers, one medium layer and one small layer.  Using a wooden skewer, curl the petals of the two large layers inward.

STEP 11:  Curl back the petals of the medium layer as shown.

STEP 12:  For the small layer, push up all of the petals.

STEP 13:  Using a craft pick or needle, poke a hole through the center of each flower layer.

STEP 14:  Assemble your flower and place a brad through the holes.  And you're done!

I used the remaining flower layers (one large layer, two medium layers and two small layers) to create the flower shown at the beginning of this tutorial.  I also curled all of the petals inward instead.  Use your creativity to vary the look of this flower!

Thanks for checking out my tutorial.  Hope you find it useful!

To see the layout where I used this technique, click on the link below.