Hi again!  I have had several of my fellow scrappers ask me how I store my layouts.  My layouts tend to be a bit bulky because I adore multiple layers, textures and flowers.  So I decided to post a few photos of how I store my work.  I never use albums because I would probably need hundreds of them due to the depth of my layouts.  Plus, albums tend to squish all of the flowers and details.  I do, however, keep each layout in a page protector to protect from dust and stains.  

I discovered the perfect storage solution for my needs.  It's a plastic box with an opening in one side.  It is called the 'itso cube' and measures 14.5x14.5x14.4 inches.  These boxes are a scrapbooker's dream!  It's like they were made just for us!  They stack on top of each other with either the opening on the side of the cube or on top.  I have my openings on the side so that I can easily access my layouts.  

I store my layouts vertically in each cube so that they don't get squished and damaged.  The page protectors also help when removing or replacing layouts from the cube.  If they are in the page protectors, they will not 'snag' onto another page and get damaged.  Each box holds A LOT of layouts and are reasonable in price.  I purchased my boxes at Target.  They run about $9.99 a box, but you can buy them online for $8.99.  Sometimes you can catch a good deal and buy them for $7.99 (that's how much I grabbed them for).  
I hope this helps those of you who have had problems storing your layouts.  I will gradually add more organization tips and photos of my scraproom, so check back whenever you can!  Thanks for stopping by!