Supplies Needed:
- Paper
- Circle stitching template 
-Thin ribbon
- Needle (optional)
-Hole puncher (Big Bite)
- Brads 

Place your template on your paper and mark your holes.  (I skipped every other hole of each circle.)  If you do not have a stitching template, cut a ring out of scrap paper and place it on your cardstock or paper.  You can 'eyeball' it and mark your holes along the outside of the ring and the inside of the ring.  

When marking your holes, be sure that the marks of the inner circle fall between the marks of the outer circle.  Refer to photo.

Punch your holes out.

Thread your ribbon through a needle but do not tie a knot in the ribbon.  Just leave a loose tail.  If you tie a knot, it will be more difficult to lace the ribbon.  It is not necessary to use a needle, but it makes it much easier to lace the ribbon through the holes.

Start from the back.  Pick any hole in the inner circle.  Lace your ribbon from back to front.  Tape the loose end to the back of the paper.

 Lace the ribbon into hole #2 (front to back).

Your needle and ribbon end should be behind the page.  Now lace through the first hole again (back to front).

Lace through hole #4 (front to back).  This completes one 'set'.  This is basically what you will repeat throughout the entire circle.

Your needle and ribbon should be at the back of your page now.  Move to the next hole of the inner circle and repeat the steps of the 'set'.  Lace through hole 1a (back to front).

 Lace through hole 2a (front to back).

Lace through the first hole again (back to front).

 Lace through hole #4a (front to back).  You have now completed another set.

Repeat the same steps until you complete the entire circle.

Once you finish lacing, add some brads to cover your holes and to add interest.  If you wish to use eyelets, set your eyelets before you begin lacing.  I hope you find this tutorial useful.  I am sorry if it is in any way confusing.  Sometimes I confuse myself LOL.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!  My email address is located in the sidebar of my blog.  Thanks for checking out my tutorial.  Have a fantastic day!

To see the entire layout where I used this technique, please click on the link below:
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