After creating my first two flower tutorials, I realized that although I love to add dimension to my page, not everyone feels the same way.  So I decided to create a "low profile" flower.  These flowers are much flatter than my other flowers and will not add too much bulk to your layout.

Supplies needed:
- (3) Medium punched flowers or die cuts
- (4) Small punched flowers or die cuts
- Needle-nosed tweezers
- Scissors
- Ink
- Wooden skewer or similar item
- Quick-drying glue
-Mouse pad (optional)
- Embossing stylus or similar item (the back of a sharpie marker will work)

STEP 1: Ink the edges of all of your cutouts (layers).

STEP 2: Cut a deep slit in each of the three larger layers.  Make sure the slit reaches close to the center, but be careful not to cut the petals off. 

STEP 3:  "Double pinch and twist" each petal of Layer 1.  If you've seen my flower tutorials before you probably know what this means and you can skip down to step 7.  If not, please continue each step.  Using your tweezers pinch the right side of each petal as shown.

STEP 4: Gently twist toward the inside of the petal.  Place your finger where shown in diagram to help get a nice pinched petal. 

STEP 5: Repeat the process on the left side of the same petal.  Pinch the left side of the petal.

STEP 6: Twist inward toward the center of the petal.  Repeat on all petals.

STEP 7: Place Layer 1 on your mouse pad or in the palm of your hand.  Using your embossing stylus or similar item, rub the stylus in a circular motion directly in the center of your layer.  You will notice that the petals will pop up slightly and may overlap a bit.

STEP 8: Repeat steps 3-7 on Layer 2.

STEP 9: Take Layer 3 and give each petal a "single pinch and twist".  To do this, use your tweezers and pinch the center of each petal. 

STEP 10: Gently twist the same way we did in the previous steps.  It doesn't matter which direction you choose to twist.

STEP11: Take your first two smaller cutouts (Layer 4 & Layer 5) and curl the edges back with your wooden skewer.  Note: The backside of Layer 5 will show a bit when we assemble the flower, so if you are not using double-sided paper, you may want to ink the back of this layer.

STEP 12: Take Layer 1 and add a dab of glue in the center.  Adhere Layer 2 to Layer 1 and off-set the petals.  Use your skewer to help flatten the center and push the layer down.  Your layers will flatten a bit, but the petals will still have a nice 'lift' to them.

STEP 13: Adhere Layer 3 in the same manner.

STEP14: Adhere Layer 4 to the top of Layer 3 and use your skewer to flatten the center as shown.  Make sure the petals remain curled back.

STEP 15: Adhere Layer 5 upside down.  The petals of this layer should curl in (instead of curl back).

STEP 16: Take the remaining two layers and give each petal a 'single pinch and twist'.  This will add a little texture to the flower center. 

STEP 17:  Turn these two layers over and apply adhesive to the back.

STEP 18:  Take one layer (Layer 6) and fold the petals up and pinch them together to form a flower center.

STEP 19: Do the same with the last layer, but before you pinch it shut, place Layer 6 inside.  Pinch both layers shut to form the center of your flower.

STEP 20: Cut off the bottom of your flower center.  Be sure to hold it well so that it doesn't unravel.

STEP 21: Adhere the center to your flower and you're done!  You can add a dab of ink to center for definition.  You could also skip the flower center and replace it with beads or a decorative brad.  Have fun with it!

Thank you for checking out my tutorial.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I also have other tutorials on my blog for anyone who is interested.  In the sidebar of my blog you will notice several icons under "Categories".  Click on the "Tutorials" or "Flowers Tutorials" icon to see a list of tutorials I have created.  TFL!