Hi there and welcome!  This is a tutorial on how to make foil embossed letters similar to those shown above.  
Supplies needed:
- Heavy duty aluminum foil
- Chipboard or Grungeboard letters
- Alcohol ink
- Alcohol ink applicator and felt
- Craft knife
- Cutting mat
- StazOn ink pad
- Adhesive (preferably Glossy Accents)
- Big Shot or other embossing machine
- Embossing folder

NOTE:  I later discovered FOIL TAPE which would have made this process so much easier LOL.  If you decide to use foil tape, you will most likely be skipping a few of the steps below. 

Take the heavy duty aluminum foil and fold it in half so that you now have double layers.  Place your chipboard letters on the foil face down.

Place both the letters and foil in an embossing folder and run them through an embossing machine.

Lift each letter and apply adhesive all over the front side of each letter.  I like to use Glossy Accents because it dries quickly and adheres well to the foil.  Replace the letters face down in the indented foil.  Wait a few moments for the glue to dry.

Flip the foil with letters attached over to the front side.  Apply alcohol ink to the alcohol ink applicator.

Dab the alcohol ink onto the foil.  Do so until you are satisfied with the color.

Once the alcohol ink is dry, take a StazOn ink pad and dab the top of the letters.  The raised impressions will become black.  Allow the ink to dry.  StazOn takes a while to dry, so use a heat tool to speed up the process, but be careful not to burn yourself on the hot aluminum.

Flip the foil to the backside and carefully cut out each letter with your craft knife.  When removing each letter, be careful not to pull the letter out with force.  If you missed a spot with your craft knife and tug on the letter, the foil on your letter will tear and you will have to start over.

After I finished cutting out each letter, I used a marker to paint the sides of each letter so that the color of the chipboard is not visible.  You may stop after this step and use each letter as is, or you can take it one step further to spice up your title.

Carefully add a drop of alcohol ink between the spaces and gaps of the embossed image.  Use different colors to fill different gaps.  You do not need to cover the entire letter, just add ink to a few spots to really make the color stand out.
TIP: If you accidentally add too much ink to a specific area, simply take the corner of a tissue or napkin and dip it into the ink.  The ink will be absorbed immediately.  

Your letters should look something like this when you are done.

TIP: Be careful when handling your letters.  Remember that we folded the aluminum in half to make two layers.  The bottom layer is adhered to the chipboard with glue, but the top layer is not.  If you are not careful, the top layer will lift up around the edges.  If desired, you could add glue around the edges of each letter to keep the foil from lifting, but I personally don't think this is necessary.  Just handle the letters gently and they should stay together nicely.  
You can further embellish your letters with brads, string, bling etc.  This technique can also be used to make tags, photo mats, and other embellishments.  For larger surfaces, you could use regular aluminum foil (3-4 layers), but if you are going to do detailed cutting like we did with these letters, it is best to use the heavy duty foil because the regular foil tears easily.

To see the complete layout where I use this technique, please click on the link below.
Unconditional Love
Hope you find this tutorial useful.  Thanks for taking a peek and have a wonderful day!