This is a quick tutorial on how to do the scallop border lacing shown above.  It's a very simple technique that adds a little elegance and interest to a page.

Supplies needed:
- Hole punch
- Ribbon (approximately 84" for a 12 x 12 page
- Brads (optional)

Punch a hole below the center of each scallop.

Start at any hole and start lacing in one direction all around the page until you reach that same hole.  

When you reach your starting hole, lace your ribbon through it again and start lacing in the opposite direction.  Tape ends to the back of the paper and that's it!  You're done!  Very simple.  I added brads to each hole for a little added interest.  If for some reason you run out of ribbon during this process, no problem!  Simply tape the end to the back, take another piece of ribbon and begin where you left off.  

To see the entire layout where I used this technique, click on the link below.
Gift of Love

Thanks for taking a peek at my tutorial!