Hi there!  This is a tutorial on how to make the distressed heart frame shown above. 

Supplies Needed:
- Craft knife
- Cutting pad
- Q tip (not shown)
- Ink
- Heat tool
- Heart stencils or cut-outs to trace (2 sizes)
- Border punch (optional)
- Paper

Decide on the size of your frame and cut paper to size.  My frame is a 6.75" square because I used a Martha Stewart punch around the edges.

If you would like to punch a border around your frame, do so now.  Ink the edges if desired.

Turn your paper over to the backside and position your larger heart stencil or heart cutout onto your paper.  I don't have a heart stencil, so I simply printed out a heart and cut it out. 

Trace the heart shape.  Do not cut it out.

Position the smaller heart shape inside the larger one.

Trace the smaller heart onto your paper.

Cut out the smaller heart using your craft knife.  Do not cut out the larger heart.

Draw lines similar to those shown above.  The more lines you draw, the more defined your heart shape will be.  However, it is a little more work when there are more 'sections' to work with.  After drawing your lines, use your craft knife to cut a slit along each one.  Again, do not cut out the larger heart.

In my case, I used double-sided paper, but the backside of the paper did not match my layout.  Remember, the back of the paper will show when we fold back each section of the frame.  In order for my frame to match my layout, I inked the back of each cut 'section' in forest moss to match the green in my frame.  You can skip this step if you are using double-sided paper that coordinates with your layout or if you would like to leave it white.

Flip your paper over to the front side and lift up each section.

This next step is a bit of a pain and a little tedious, but in my opinion, it is worth the work.  It is what really makes this a 'distressed' frame.  Gently tear along each of the three sides of each little section.  Just tear a tiny bit away to give each section a rougher edge rather than a sharp, cut edge.  Be careful not to tear off the entire section.  After tearing each section, ink the edges.
Using a wet Q tip, apply a little water to each section, fold it back and pinch it to create a water distressed look.  I would suggest doing 3-4 sections at a time and then using your heat tool to dry them up and hold them into place.  After drying each section, you may apply a dab of glue to hold it into place, if necessary.  And you're done!!  You can further embellish your frame with pearls, flowers, bling... anything!

To see the entire layout where I used this technique, click on the link below.
A Perfect Pair

Thank you for stopping by to check out my tutorial.  I hope it is useful to you.  If you decide to try it, please send me a link so I can see your work!  Thanks!