After creating my first flower (my Pinched Flower), I decided to continue experimenting.  I wanted to make a flower that was "fun-looking" to go with the bright layout that I was working on.  So I came up with my Curly Flower.  It is very easy to make and similar to my Pinched Flower.  Hope you enjoy this tutorial!

Supplies needed:
- (4) Large flower cutouts (Mine are approximately 3 1/4".)
- (2) Medium flower cutouts with pointy petals (Mine are approximately 2 1/2".)
- Scissors
- Ink
- Wooden skewer or similar item
- Tweezers (long-nosed)
Quick-drying glue

If you use flower cutouts similar to the sizes I used (I used the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals Die), you will be making a large flower.  You can reduce the size of your flower by using smaller cutouts.

STEP 1:  First, ink the edges of all of your flower layers.
STEP 2:  Take your first layer (Layer 1) and place your tweezer on the right side of a petal.

STEP 3: Gently pinch and twist towards the inside of the petal.

STEP 4:  Pinch the left side of the same petal.

STEP 5:  Gently twist inward towards the center of the petal.  You have just completed what I like to call a 'double pinch and twist'.  (For further clarity, check out my Pinched Flower Tutorial, where I have images with little diagrams to help explain the 'double pinch and twist'.)  Repeat steps 2-4 on each petal of this layer.

Step 6:  Take your next layer (Layer 2) and double pinch and twist each petal as well.

STEP 7:  Take your third layer and remove one petal.

STEP 8:  Using your skewer, curl the right side and left side of each petal.

STEP 9:  Using your fingers, gently pinch each petal to create a crease down the center.

STEP 10:  Apply a line of glue along the left cut edge of your layer.

STEP 11:  Bring the right cut edge over to the left cut edge and overlap the edges.  Hold until dry.  Snip off the bottom (cone) of the flower.

STEP 12:  Take the fourth layer and repeat steps 7-11.

STEP 13:  Now take one of your pointy petal cutouts and, using your skewer, gently score the petal vertically down the center.  This step is optional, but it helps in the next step when we fold each petal in half.  Do this on all petals.

STEP 14:  Fold each petal in half vertically along the score line.  Use your skewer to curl the folded petal to the LEFT side.  Repeat this step on all petals.  Please note:  If you are using double-sided paper, both sides will show on this layer.  If you are using one-sided paper, you may want to ink the non-printed side so that it is not white.  Another option would be to flip this flower layer over before folding and curling.

STEP 15:  Repeat steps 13-14 on your last layer, only this time, curl your folded petals to the RIGHT instead.

STEP 16:  Take Layer 1 and apply adhesive to the center of the layer.  Add Layer 2 to Layer 1.  Be sure to off-set the petals.

STEP 17:  Add layers 3 and 4, remembering to apply adhesive in between each layer and to off-set the petals.  Your layers may start popping up.  Simply use your skewer to push down each layer and flatten the center of your flower.

STEP 18:  Add Layer 5 (your first curly layer) to your flower in the same manner.  I'm sorry.  I'm missing a photo that shows this step.

STEP 19:  Take your last layer and fold all of the petals up to create a cup-like shape shown above.  Adhere to the center of your flower... and you're done!
Hope you find this tutorial useful.  If any of the steps are unclear, please don't hesitate to ask.  Thank you for taking the time to stop by!  I have another flower tutorial in the works that I will be posting soon.

To see the entire layout where I used this technique, click on the link below.
Sun Kissed