Hi there!  This is a simple tutorial on how I made the torn distressed frame shown above.

Supplies needed:
- Paper cut approx. 1 inch larger than your photo 

(For example, if using a 4x6 photo, cut paper to 5"x7")
- Ruler
- Ink (optional)
-Mini mister, spray bottle, or wet Q Tip
- Craft knife
- Heat tool

Turn the paper over and measure approximately 1 inch in from edges and draw a line.  (I marked the inner area in red to show where we will be cutting.)

Turn your paper back over and tear and ink the edges.

Turn your paper to the back side again and cut away the inner square.

Flip the paper back over again (this is the last time, I promise) and make 4 small tears at each corner of the inner square.  This will help us in the next step.  Ink the inner edges as well.

Gently mist the inner edges with water.  Be sure not to soak the paper or it will tear very easily.  You could also use a wet Q Tip to dampen the edges.

Gently pull back and pinch each edge until you achieve the desired look.  Dry with a heat tool and ink the edges and creases again for more definition.  All done!  You can embellish the frame however you like.  I added an eyelet in each corner and threaded some twine through each.  Hope you find this tutorial useful.

To see the entire layout where I used this technique, please click on the link below:
Thankful For You