This is an easy tutorial on how to do the eyelet lacing over the tear that is shown above.  

Supplies needed:
- Q Tip
- Water
- Eyelets
- Eyelet setter
- Ink (optional)
- Twine, ribbon or floss
- and paper (of course)

Dampen the Q Tip and gently rub the area that you wish to tear.

Continue to wipe the damp Q Tip back and forth until the paper tears on its own.  Continue this process until you achieve the desired size tear.

Gently pull back the edges to further distress your tear.   

To further emphasize the distressed look, ink the edges.  If you would like to add a piece of patterned paper or cardstock behind the tear to cover up the hole, do so now.  If not, proceed to the next step.

Punch the holes where you would like to set the eyelets.  Reminder: If you are adding paper behind the tear, do so before you punch the holes.

Set the eyelets.

Lace your twine, ribbon or floss and secure with tape on back of paper.  And you're done!  So simple!

To see examples where I used this technique, click on the link below:

Thanks for checking out my tutorial!